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Title I Information

Parent Survey


One major focus of our school is to build the schools’ and parents’ capacity for strong parental involvement.  Please complete the survey using the link

All survey responses will be reviewed periodically at both the school and district level.  The evaluation of the Title 1 program, adjustments to the program, and planning for future funding will be reflective of this feedback along with that provided in the annual review of the parent involvement policy and parent compact.


Procedures for Addressing Suggestions

· All schools in the district will have a suggestion box located on campus in the school’s main office or parent center for parents to give feedback.

· Parent liaison will check suggestion box weekly.

· If suggestions are found, liaison will log the suggestion on the suggestion log form, indicating date, parent name, and telephone number (if information is listed).

· Parent liaison will direct the suggestion to the appropriate administrator for review.

· The administrator will make every effort to address the suggestion if possible in a timely manner.

· The administrator will determine which staff will address the suggestion.

· When possible, the parent should have a response within seven to fourteen days.

· Details of the school personnel, who addressed the suggestion and any action taken, or outcome or recommendation will also be listed on the form.

· Once a suggestion has been addressed (if parent information is listed) the liaison will notify the parent of the outcome.

· Parent liaison will maintain confidentiality and accurate documents of all suggestions.


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Parent Involvement Policy

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