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Males in Education

Elementary schools across South Carolina are losing more and more male educators, but not here at Fairfield Magnet School for Math and Science. Male teachers and staff members provide a positive male image which is critically important for young boys to see in their lives. By exhibiting certain character traits, male teachers and staff members can shape students’ moral compass and might even inspire them to become teachers. As much as young men look up to sports figures and musicians, a strong male role model in the front of the classroom or around the school can positively influence the emotional, social, and physical development of students, especially boys. Male teachers and staff members often use humor and playing sports with students, during breaks, to build relationships. Many male teachers share similar interests with their male students, which serves as a channel for meaningful connections. Here at FMSMS, our male teachers and staff members go above and beyond their job titles. They serve as positive role models and mentors to all our students by engaging in meaningful relationships and by ensuring the safety of all. It doesn’t matter what role they are in; they are here for the children. Men do matter!
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