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Principal's Message

Principal Whitfield

Happy New Year!



Wildcat Parents and Students,


I am excited to welcome all our returning and new students to the 2022-2023 school year! The faculty and staff are excited to see the smiling face of our returning and new students. We are looking forward to the adventure that awaits you while you experience innovative ways to learn the curriculum standards, make new friends, and enjoy all your teachers offer.


As the proud principal of Palmetto’s Finest Fairfield Magnet School for Math and Science, I am confident that all our students will be ready to learn and engage in their classrooms. Parents, as you send your child to their new teacher and, for many, to a new school, I hope that you will join me in setting high expectations for challenging and engaging instruction, for strong and regular communication from teachers and the school, and most importantly, high expectations for what your child can achieve this year.


This year, our professional goals are to embrace our theme of “TWIST-Together Wildcats Inspire Students and Teachers with the continuation of our efforts to use data to drive instruction at each grade level to meet all students at their point of need and challenge students to reach their goals potential.


For our students to be academically successful, children need support from home and school. We know a strong partnership with you will make a significant difference in your child’s education. I ask for your help and participation every day, encouraging them to read for pleasure for at least 30 minutes every night, monitoring homework and progress, and asking your child to share what they learned at school each day.


“There is a brilliant child locked inside every student.” ~ Marva Collins


Dr. Whitfield


Palmetto’s Finest Principal