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Staff Directory

          # OF STUDENTS
  FACULTY/ STAFF POSITION GRADE LEVEL Subject (s) Teaching District Email
  Route, Javonnie Teacher CD-4 Core Subjects
  Lawrence, Cathy Teacher Kindergarten Core Subjects
  Manser, Abigail Teacher Kindergarten Core Subjects
  Stewart-Elvie, Shadine Teacher 1st Grade Core Subjects
  James-McPherson, Cherisia Teacher 2nd Grade Core Subjects
  Mendenhall, Paula Teacher 2nd Grade Core Subjects
  Calvin, Natalee Teacher 3rd Grade Core Subjects
  Harvey, Shelly Teacher 3rd Grade Core Subjects
  Darstein, Emily Teacher 4th Grade Math, Science
  Johnson-Hinds, Kereen Teacher 4th Grade ELA, Social Studies
  Coleman, Stacie Teacher 5th Grade ELA, Social Studies
  Wilson, Donald Teacher 5th Grade Math, Science
  Blake, Nevado Teacher 6th Grade ELA, Social Studies
  Burt-Bignall, Kareita Teacher 6th Grade Math, Social Studies
  DeReef, Kimberly Teacher 6th Grade Science, Social Studies
  Crosby, Kennedy Teacher CD-4-6th Grades Dance
  Daly, Kimberlea Teacher CD-4-6th Grades Art
  Franco, Ingrid Teacher CD-4-6th Grades Spanish
  Graham. Taneshia Teacher 4th-6th Grades Science
  Maye, Claudius Teacher 3rd-6th Grades Band
  Murdaugh, Michael Teacher CD-4-6th Grades PE
  Robinson, Chandler Teacher CD-4-6th Grades Music
  Thomas, Rondarius Teacher 3rd-6th Grades Band
  Zeun, David Speech
  Miller, Tracy Media Specialist
  Alberson, Brooke Literacy Coach
  Johnson, Rodney Guidance Counselor
  Unangst, Carlene Instructional Facilitator
  Smalls, Ruth Assistant Principal
  Whitfield, Shayera Principal
  Cornelius, Shameeka PowerSchool/PL
  Harrison, Connie Secretary/Bookkeeper
  Mobley, Sharalyn Receptionist
  Stewart, Limica Nurse
  Belton, Veronica Teaching Assistant
  Brown, Ida Teaching Assistant
  Cornelius, Sammy ISS Monitor      
  McMillan, Jessica Interventionist
  Young, Lashaunda Media Assistant
  Alexander, Michelle Custodian      
  Blackmer, Lawrence Custodian      
  Williams, Leventis Custodian      
  Feaster, Latanya Cafeteria Cashier      
  Harrison, Bernella Cafeteria Operator      
  Richmond, Dildra Cafeteria Operator      
  Woodard, Harriet Cafeteria Manager
  Tucker, Sara Gifted and Talented
  Forrest, Christie Gifted and Talented